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Halloween Effects Vol. 2 on USB Flash Drive


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USB Flash Drive containing the BEST HALLOWEEN EFFECTS!

13 Visual Effects which will play in the Pro-FX Video Projector, and any Media Player or Projector capable of HD MP4 playback



  • 3D RATS - one clip of our famous virutal 3D rats. Project this image on a clean cement floor, white floor, sand or white table cloth for 3D rats.
  • CGI GHOUL - ghoul walks through a foggy room and stops in front of glass window and breaks it out [vertical version]. Tilt the projector on it's side on tall thin window or door
  • GIANT RAT with SPIDERS  -- running across window glass to make a creepy window schene
  • FLOCK of BATS - flying in a foggy background can be used for inside a window or on a wall in a house or cemetery.
  • DARK ANGEL - floats upward emitting a burst of power from its body as it stares at you. It then flies away into the darkness.
  • WALKING DEAD ZOMBIE - [vertically framed] Single zombie walks up to actual glass scrapes and pounds on it eventually breaking out the glass. The glass falls to the ground and the zombie vanishes, resetting the scene for the next looped playback.
  • THE GRAVEYARD - high-end compositing of CGI Skeleton, bats and ghost, in a real element graveyard with real fog, for larger scale illusisions for cemetery scenes.
  • HAUNTED LIBRARY - a ghost appears in a library with a girl studying, with the lighting look of Harry Potter. A nice effect for a spooky mood done 100% without CGI
  • SKELETON DUNGEON - inside a long stone walkway, in a room with fog, bats and two burning skull monuments, skeletons appear walking at you in this spooky dungeonCGI BATS - Dual version looks and works the same in Vert./Hor. framing for wall surfaces, rear screen in windows, or roofs or house siding.
  • ALIENS CGI ANIMATION - aliens appear in the fog and walk around. The Vert. Version is an alien in a lab chamber. Perfect for any X-Files type haunts.
  • SNAKES in Virutal 3D -- for Floor Projection Illusions -- Newly created digital files!




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